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Creativity is a Key to Your Success

Tapping your creativity in everyday life is essential to mental health, social-emotional well-being, and physical health. When you harness the natural creativity that is wired within you, it elevates mood, sparks interest, increases productivity and performance, improves self-esteem, and provides a feeling of fulfillment.

Ways to you can tap your creativity include:

  • Harness your strengths and talents. Creativity tends to flow when you use them naturally.

  • Honor your interests. Interests lead to the flow of creativity.

  • Stay in the present moment and lean into the creativity within you. Notice it and feel the experience of it.

  • Notice what you daydream about and where your thoughts go. Look for patterns and what ideas and inspirations are derived from those places.

  • Notice what your heart tells you and where it guides you. Your heart will usually be your north star. Let it lead you to your creative process and dive in.

  • Reflect on what areas of your life your creative process tends to show up. Think about where you feel the most healthy, synchronous, in alignment, and fulfilled.

  • When you start to lull into sleep be mindful of powerful ideas that come to you. The brain waves at the time have been correlated to a connection with creative thinking. Write those ideas down at that moment and re-examine them at a later time when you are fully awake. Notice how empowered and confident you feel when those creative ideas are flowing.

  • Observe how you interact with novelty and what tends to happen to you when you explore the unknown. Pay attention to your body and what sensations you are feeling. Recognize those cues and use them to identify when creative ideas are sparked.

  • Embrace when and how you think “differently” from others. Let go of any judgment and get curious about how that might serve you in your career and life path.

  • Creativity is at the forefront of play. Children engage in the play process naturally. Adults often have to be reminded to play. Even a simple playful thought can evoke your creative side.

Imagination is more powerful than logic. Humans tend to lead with emotion and justify with logic. Pay attention to the words you use around your imagination and creative process. Use supportive kind words to yourself to keep you connected to your creativity in order to ignite it effortlessly and seamlessly. This way you can apply it to any situation Book a call with me, to kindle your creativity and transform your life!

Information contained herein is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment or condition. Dr. Lisa Zaretsky. Ed.D, LCSW, LISW, C.Hyp makes no representation, express or implied, that information herein is applicable to any individual's particular situation. This information should not replace individual consultation with an appropriately qualified professional.

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