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Find Forgiveness and Let Go

Letting go of past events and people who have hurt us is in essence, forgiveness. Holding onto these can create a mental prison. The angry, resentful, and bitter thoughts become patterns that affect our emotions, behaviors, and actions. They become repetitive and familiar in the mind. And it is human nature to act in a way that is fully consistent with our thinking and to move toward what is familiar. Holding on to these angry, resentful, and bitter thoughts and beliefs can often impact all areas of our lives, relationships, work, mental health, and even physical health.

While the events and the people who hurt us are out of our control, what is in our control are our thoughts. Letting go of the anger, resentment, and bitterness you have been holding onto might feel like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute because it has likely been with you for a long period of time, has become familiar and your mind probably thinks it is protecting you, however, it is not. Rather, it is perpetuating thoughts and emotions that can be harmful to your overall well-being. Forgiveness is not about making okay with what the other person did that made you feel so resentful, but about releasing the hurt within yourself and finding a place of compassion for the person who hurt you. Hurt people hurt people and often their behavior is more about what is going on for them, their own unhealthy coping skills they developed since childhood, and something that triggered their issues.

Finding ways to radically accept your past and other people just as they are, having healthy boundaries, and leading with love can be quite healing. Conflict is inevitable, it is how you perceive it and how you either react or respond to it that can make all the difference for your own health and relationships. Book a call with me to learn more about how I can assist you to release, let go, forgive, and be free.

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