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Are You Gifted and Twice Exceptional(2e)?

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

If you have extraordinary abilities in one or more areas then you would be considered gifted, but you may also see and experience the world with more intensity and sensitivity. On top of this, there may be further challenges created by conditions such as ADHD, dyslexia, etc. In this case, you would be considered Twice Exceptional (2e). You may find that one of the elements overshadows the others, which often results in one or more of them being overlooked. If this is you or someone close to you, don’t despair because help is available.

Gifted individuals often see and experience the world with more intensity and sensitivity. If you have had experiences where you excel or others have noted that you have extraordinary abilities, skills, or talents, you might be considered “gifted”. In the past, the term gifted has often been synonymous with High IQ. However, giftedness covers many areas of skills and talents. If you are highly creative and inventive in academic, intellectual, musical, artistic, or theatrical pursuits, or in writing, athletics, interpersonal skills, or other areas, consider if you have also had any of the following traits.

· Appearing to others or yourself as “bright and quirky”

· Having advanced abilities or talents in certain areas beyond your peers

· Difficulty relating to other peers in the area in which you are gifted

· Highly sensitive and/or intense

· Often feeling misunderstood and misperceived

Those who are 2e have additional strengths and challenges which may be identified by displaying some of these characteristics:

· Self-directed learners in areas of interest

· Critical thinkers, tending to think outside the box

· Morally sensitive

· Sophisticated sense of humor

· Imaginative, creative, insightful, and have big ideas

· Challenges with emotional and self-regulation and low frustration tolerance

· Difficulty with organization, planning, task completion, and time management

· Tendency to question rules and authority.

Many times these issues go unaddressed in gifted and 2e populations by well-meaning family members and teachers. This tends to happen because gifted individuals are functioning and performing above and beyond their peers in the areas in which they excel. These extraordinary abilities tend to take center stage and their social-emotional and mental health needs can be overlooked.

In order to help achieve optimal well-being and full potential, it is important to:

· Nurture your gifts and talents by working with a mentor

· Find community and connect with others like you

· Connect with an educational and learning consultant such as myself who has expertise in helping to navigate the complex needs within the learning and work environments

· Speak to a mental health professional such as myself who has expertise in giftedness and 2e to assist if you are experiencing social-emotional and or mental health issues.

Book a call with me to discuss how I can assist you by identifying your specific needs and helping you in achieving the support you need to fulfill your potential and transform your life.

Information contained herein is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment or condition. Dr. Lisa Zaretsky. Ed.D, LCSW, LISW, C.Hyp makes no representation, express or implied, that information herein is applicable to any individual's particular situation. This information should not replace individual consultation with an appropriately qualified professional.

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