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My Story

I have always been drawn to working with populations that would be considered bright and quirky (children and adults), both as a teacher and a clinical social worker. The huge gap between their gifts/strengths and disabilities/challenges made me very curious about what was going on. The array of social-emotional and mental health issues that often snowballed or tagged along pulled at my heartstrings because these individuals were often misperceived in schools, misunderstood in the family and community environments, and misdiagnosed in the mental health and medical worlds (particularly in the early days).  I came across these people in all of the domains I worked in, and later in my own home.    


One of my areas of expertise is in working with Gifted and Twice-Exceptional (2e) children, which came about because my family and I are 2e. The chaos and dysfunction of home life as well as the real struggle to get the support my children needed to develop to their highest potential, led me to find solutions for them and for us as a family. My background in education and mental health was a benefit, however, it was really when I used my strengths of tenacity and perseverance that I was able to access expanded options of support for my family. The network I built over the years is paying itself forward to all those I have been assisting in a professional capacity.

For over 30 years I’ve worked in the education and mental health sectors and throughout that time I have been driven to find ways to “marry” the two worlds in order to help not only my own children but as many other children and adults as I can. It’s too easy for these wonderfully gifted individuals to fall through the net of the educational system and not achieve the amazing potential they have. This is exacerbated by the often unhealed trauma of their experiences related to not being identified, understood, supported properly (or at all) with their neurodiversity and talents, and/or not placed in the most optimal environment for their learning and support. 


This in turn often impacts learning how to regulate emotions, develop healthy coping skills, access their potential, and become the calm, self-regulated, and integrated people they have the right and the potential to be. If not addressed, these issues carry over into adulthood, often influencing self-esteem, confidence, relationships, mental health, career, and overall life functions.


I have a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Special Education, a Masters in Social Work, and a Doctorate in Cognitive Diversity, and I have authored publications, all of these achieved in spite of pronounced dyslexia. Along with these qualifications, I am certified in New York and Florida in General Education, Special/Exceptional Education, and as a Reading Teacher. I have a certificate in Twice Exceptional Education and I am an educational therapist. I have decades of experience working with Gifted and 2e children and their families in a variety of settings and have a wide network and a comprehensive range of resources to support them.


“It wasn’t until I found Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) that I really started to experience major transformation in my life.”


I am also a licensed clinical social worker in New York, Florida, and South Carolina, a coach, and an educational & learning consultant. I have a vast range of tools and experience available to help you change your story and transform your life.


It wasn’t until I found Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®), a revolutionary form of hypnotherapy, that I really started to experience a major transformation in my life. As a result, I have rewritten my story and transformed my life. I was so inspired that I became certified in RTT® myself and am now also internationally certified in hypnotherapy by RTT® and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT).

“As a result, I have rewritten my story and transformed my life.”


My purpose to help others as well as myself also led me to train in various therapeutic modalities and I am always seeking to expand my toolbox to be on the cutting edge and able to offer my clients the best possible range of therapeutic options because I am passionate about learning new ways to heal. As I guide people in healing, I apply all the tools I’ve trained in and certified in to work holistically with clients and personalize them to their needs.


“I have a vast range of tools and experience available to help you change your story and transform your life.”

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