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Are you tired of the struggles and the blocks that get in the way of your potential and impact your performance, success, happiness, balance, family life, and more? Then you’ve come to the right place. Take the hero’s journey with me to a healthier, more peaceful, abundant, and harmonious life.



Dr. Zaretsky uses a powerful form of hypnotherapy that incorporates the principles of other evidenced-based therapies such as psychotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), and neuroscience. Her clients get to the roots, reasons, and causes of their issues. They change the way they think at the subconscious level so negative thought patterns can be transformed into healthy beliefs and positive thinking. This results in healing, extraordinary progress, and expanding potential so they can rewrite their stories and transform their lives.

Hypnotherapy FAQs



Dr. Zaretsky develops a trusting relationship together with you to explore your issues and challenges. She then helps you to discover the how’s, why’s, what's, where’s, and when’s that are the root cause of your struggles. Following a thorough assessment, a personalized treatment plan is crafted together and therapeutic methods will be used in each session to assist you in healing and meeting the agreed objectives. Working together with you, a range of tools is put together in the form of a “toolbox” to develop and integrate positive strategies and skills with healthy coping methods.  This is a holistic process incorporating the needs of all aspects of the mind, body, and environment. Individual strengths and interests are used to inspire growth, and self-discovery, creating a new story that results in long-lasting transformation.


She supports and guides those who have experienced trauma, substantial life changes, emotional and/or mental health challenges, educational and workplace obstacles, and more. Dr. Zaretsky is a licensed clinical social worker in New York, Florida & South Carolina.

Psychotherapy Session

Educational and Learning Consultant

Dr. Zaretsky is a learning specialist who has expertise in providing support to children who are Gifted and Twice Exceptional (2e). 2e individuals are those who are Gifted and also have conditions such as ADHD, Learning Challenges, and the like (including those yet to be diagnosed). She has helped many families and educational settings with children with diverse and unique learning needs. She works with children and their families to identify the specific learning needs of the individual by undertaking a full review of all aspects of the child’s needs and strengths, crafting personalized support, enrichment, and supporting families and schools to access resources, creating psychologically safe and adaptable environments for optimal learning opportunities. Dr. Zaretsky provides educational program development, staff training and workshops, forums for the community, and support groups for parents. She has also assisted in person-centered planning, teams, and self-direction plans. Dr. Zaretsky is licensed in New York and Florida in General Education Nursery through 6th grade, Special Education/Exceptional Children Education K-12, and Reading Education K-12. She is also Certified in Twice Exceptional (2e) and Gifted Education and is a credentialed Educational Therapist.

Tutoring Session
Life coaching


Coaching is about reshaping the client’s mindset, helping them to change the way they see themselves, and how they relate to the world around them.  It involves setting specific goals and assisting the client to achieve positive results by utilizing the individual’s strengths and interests to develop functional strategies. With support, compassion, and trust, a range of tools is provided to support the client to maintain momentum and remove limiting beliefs, relieve emotional struggles such as anxiety and stress, and build confidence, self-compassion, joy, and fulfillment. Motivation, inspiration, and ambition are explored and a plan is developed to chart a steady course toward achieving the desired outcomes. Coaching often leads to better relationships, finding solutions to specific issues, positive shifts in habits and mindsets, and paving new pathways forward.  Dr. Zaretsky guides and supports those who want to rewrite their story and transform their lives.

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