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What My Clients Say

“In just one hypnotherapy session Lisa helped me to feel more confident about speaking my truth and living in line with my values. Before working with Lisa, I would doubt myself and self-sabotage, I no longer do that. I am so grateful for Lisa’s warm and supportive approach and the way that she helped me reset these limiting behaviors. I would definitely recommend Lisa to help you make the changes in your life that have been holding you back."

Glenn   ~   New Zealand

“Lisa brings her passion for helping others navigate life combined with her vast knowledge of social work, the educational system, special education, reading education, and cognitive diversity to her therapy and coaching practice to help guide people by giving them empowerment and increasing their personal development through interest, strength, talent, and project-based approaches.”

Dr. Jodi Allison Mishkin-Michaelson ~ Assistive Technology Specialist ~ Long Island, New York

"Dr. Lisa Zaretsky is passionate about helping people transform their lives and this comes through in every aspect of the experience of working with her. She uses intuition and compassion to help you get to the root cause of your problem and she is dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcome for you. I experienced this firsthand when in just one hypnotherapy session she helped me to overcome my money blocks and impostor syndrome which was holding me back from setting up my business. She created an inspiring transformational recording which I continue to listen to now. It has given me the confidence and self-belief to put myself out there to become a successful businesswoman in charge of my own destiny. It was so powerful and life-changing. I strongly recommend Lisa to help you with any issue you may be dealing with as she has such a broad range of experience which she is well-equipped to assist you with. If you’ve got this far and are debating whether to contact and work with her, don’t hesitate. She can truly transform your life."

Deborah  ~  (UK)

“Lisa's tireless understanding and knowledge of the twice exceptional and the impacts on the family system is unparalleled. Her work with exceptional needs populations has always been with compassion and caring. Lisa's endless patience with parents who have exceptional needs children is symbolic of her own experiences both as a parent as well as a therapist. Her clients speak of her empathy and kindness. She recognizes the strengths and challenges of all her clients and builds on those strengths to support and empower their personal development and to help facilitate health and healing for individuals of all ages.”

Mindy Ross-Knaster ~Special Education Advocate

"Hypnotherapy with Dr. Lisa has been wonderful. Within one session she was able to guide me to my subconscious mind to roots, causes, and feeling for the issues I came to her for that I didn't even know existed. She was so professional and empathic, and I felt confident in her ability to assist me. My life has transformed. I have a much better understanding of what the underlying reasons were and my old unhealthy beliefs and thinking patterns have changed. I approach life so much more positively now. I would definitely recommend Dr.Lisa to help anyone who needs the freedom to live their life happily. Thank you Dr. Lisa for everything! Bless your beautiful heart."

Rania  ~  ( Saudi Arabia )

"The hypnotherapy that I received from Dr. Lisa Zaretsky has been truly life changing. The experience immediately put me at ease and allowed me to feel relaxed and connected to my own thoughts and memories at various points of my life where many of my issues had started. I recommend Rapid Transformation Therapy sessions with Dr. Lisa Zaretsky to anyone that is looking to overcome issues that they have and want to change themselves to have a healthier, more satisfying and fulfilling life."

Celeste G   ~   Jamaica, NY

"Lisa's dedication to the lives of others is truly extraordinary as she combines her unique education, knowledge, and experiences to offer assistance to families through the lens of diverse and holistic approaches that enable forward momentum and unmatched progress in the areas of special education, reading education, and social work through her dynamic and motivational coaching and therapies''.

Celeste Goorahoo ~ B.S. Academic Tutor

"Doing Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) with Lisa has been an incredible experience for me. She provided a safe and supportive environment where I experienced powerful remembering through hypnosis that, ultimately, were the root of underlying beliefs and patterns that were holding me back. I could delve into my subconscious and uncover past experiences that had shaped my current mindset. What was critical was that the memories that my subconscious offered were not what I expected them to be. Meaning, traditional therapy would have never been able to accomplish what RTT did, as I would have been focusing on other experiences that were more readily available.  Throughout the session, Lisa spoke to my subconscious in a way that helped me reframe those experiences and replace negative beliefs with empowering ones. The results were truly astonishing. By continuing with the process through listening to the hypnosis recording every night I noticed a profound shift in how I viewed myself and the world around me, and I gained a newfound sense of confidence and clarity. An added bonus is that I get a deeper and more restorative night's sleep.  What impressed me the most about RTT was its ability to deliver rapid results with minimal effort. After just a few weeks, I noticed significant changes in my thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Long-standing fears and insecurities began to dissipate, and I now feel more in control of my life. I have broken patterns that have held me back all my life. The ongoing support sessions with Lisa were wonderful as they allowed me to share my progress and get feedback on realizations.  I wholeheartedly recommend RTT to anyone who is seeking a powerful and efficient method to address personal challenges, release emotional blockages, and create lasting change. It has been a life-changing therapy for me, and I am incredibly grateful for the positive impact it has had on my life."

Tamara F.  ~  Long Beach NY USA

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